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“This summer my son made a commitment to work everyday to improve his hockey skills. He is very passionate about the game and with a little guidance he followed through with those commitments.  He's made huge improvements in every aspect of the game this year, especially with his mentality.  The biggest jump in improvement I saw was through your 10 week summer program. He had always been a little scrambled chasing pucks into corners and making a strong outlet pass. Often he would hesitate and simply throw the puck up the boards rather than look at his options and control possession. The drills you had him execute made him more comfortable with trying different evasive routes, pressing offensively or holding that puck a little longer to make the right pass. He has always loved the position of defence and now he's finally been playing with the confidence only PROPER practice can instill. 


Thank you for putting on a great camp this summer Bryan and I hope for success with D2D.”


September 14, 2016


“I just wanted to thank Bryan and his staff for the excellent program my daughter just finished. It's awesome to see defence specific training. We've seen great improvement in on ice skill and confidence through the position specific drills and techniques that she has learned. My daughter learned new skills, worked hard and had lots of fun while doing it.

It's a great testament to the quality of the program. It's her favourite camp by far!


Can't wait to be part of the D2D experience again in the near future!”

August 3, 2016


“Throughout the D2D program we’ve seen tremendous improvement in our son’s transitions, shooting and leadership. We would like to thank Bryan and the D2D staff for taking the necessary steps to provide him with the tools to become a better defenceman.”

August 2, 2016

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